About Us

First of all a big ‘Thank You’ for stopping by!
The name is ‘Tremaine’ (or Tré) Jamaican (born and bred) but now residing in the UK.
‘OMGTré!’ is a fresh up and coming all round entertainment blog.
I’m a big fan of blogs and while there are so many great blogs out there the comment section was and is never big enough for my rants so I thought I would create my own. I like to get people talking, I like to provoke thought and ‘OMGTré’ serves as the perfect platform in which to do so.

I’m trying to stick to a particular genre (i.e – an entertainment blog) but my mind goes on so many adventures that it’s hard not to take my blog along for the journey.

So, welcome to OMGTré! and I hope you stay for the ride!

” No Holds Barred!”