Gucci Mane Arrested For Pushing A Woman Out Of A Moving Car!

gucci-mane-tattoo1The dry lipped coon that is Gucci Mane decided to push a woman out of his car back in January; MTV reports:

Gucci Mane has been arrested in Atlanta after a woman came forward claiming that he had pushed her from a moving car.

Diana Graham said the rapper shoved her out of his Hummer in January after she refused to go to a hotel with him. She was later treated in hospital for minor injuries

I can’t even begin to imagine the fear that must have been going through this woman’s body at the time of this ‘incident’, but WHY WOULD YOU GET IN A CAR WITH A STRANGER WHO IS NOT YOUR CAB DRIVER!?

This is not the first time Gucci has been caught out acting mighty foul however, this video shows Gucci pushing a woman off stage and then punching her in her face with mighty vengeance. I wonder if his educational qualifications surpasses his extensive criminal record?

I think he needs to be sectioned (again). Read more about the story below:

Our US Team has obtained the police report, which states that the 36-year-old woman initially got into Gucci’s car after he pulled up alongside her and she recognised his trademark ice cream cone tattoo. He initially invited her to get breakfast, but then allegedly offered the victim $150 “to go to the hotel”. When she refused, the Freaky Gurl star is said to have leaned over, opened the passenger door and pushed her out while the car was in motion.

He was taken into custody on Friday on a charge of misdemeanour battery.

Gucci spent six months behind bars last year after violating parole on an assault charge, but following his release he insisted the experience had been a positive one.

“You can’t let the ideology of the street get you in trouble,” he said. “I just wish I didn’t have to go to jail to learn that. But sometimes we have to sacrifice and be responsible.”