Lil Kim Casts Nicki Minaj For “Black Friday / Clap Clap” Music Video..


… too bad it’s a Nicki lookalike though.

About a month ago I posted about Kim doing a video for “Black Friday” and I said – “…I wonder if Nicki will make a cameo? ….” and so said, so done.

I’m routing for Kim I truly am but while Nicki stay pimping the fluck out of her fame and platinum success, Lil Kim is somewhere still focussing on Nicki. SMDH.

Dear Kim, you slaughtered Nicki with “Black Friday” but now you are starting to look pathetic! Let it go Kim. Let it go.

Sidenote: Nicki will be entering the United Queendom some time next week – I can see the London barbz now in their lean-to-the-side fuggs and their pink MilkyWay. Nice.